Supportive Systems Workbook

A quick decision tool to kick shiny object syndrome in the butt & get ready to receive

Want to implement my workshop?

… but tech & systems are kinda overwhelming?

Maybe you also tend to hop from one tool to another or find it difficult to decide whether you should get that shiny new system that someone recommended?

Or maybe you just need some help to prioritize?

Then This workbook covers:

and it comes in 2 Formats:

Birte Kahrs sitting at a bench outside, leaning her left elbow on the back rest and her right hand touching headphones on her head

Hi, I'm Birte![she/her]

… but you’re welcome to call me Birdy.  

I am queer 🏳️‍🌈 & neurodivergent 🧠, and I embrace those things about myself (and the members of my community!). If you have a problem with any of that, then you’re not the right fit for me and my space. 

I may enjoy techy things, but I totally get the overwhelm that can come with running your own business, handling clients, and a dash of shiny object syndrome. 

I do Tech Strategy & Implementation for online coaches and service providers who would like to keep their businesses simple, but still look like the professional that they are. I’ve been doing that – or iterations of it – for 6 years now. 

What’s important to me, is that there is no one-size-fits-all. Not when it comes to nest sizes, and not when it comes to tech systems for your personal business. I make sure that I look at your business both from a zoomed-in, as well as a zoomed-out perspective, to find solutions that really work for YOU. 

so how about we get your stuff in order?

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