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*Note: some links on this page may be affiliate links. If you click the link and buy something, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. I only recommend tools that I really believe in.

My Top 3 Tools


This is THE system that keeps my business running. It enables me to send proposals, have clients sign contracts & have them pay within minutes. Plus, I can automate things if I want or template them otherwise.

With my affiliate code birdyandco you receive 30% off your first month or year!

notion icon, the letter N displayed in a black and white cube


This is the system that keeps my business and personal life organized. I use it to manage projects, to-do lists, my own notes and essentially my entire life. I even keep my cross stitching notes here.

If you hire me for a project, chances are you will receive a project dashboard in Notion from me.


If you've ever been my client, chances are your color palette is saved in my Coolors account. I also use it to generate palettes, get additional shades, test how the color palette will look applied, and check accessibility.

I just love how easy it is to copy hex codes and send links to palettes to my clients.

The rest of my toolbox


convertkit icon


I love ConvertKit for its user friendliness and thoughtfulness in how it is designed. I get things done quickly in here, like how it handles emails within automations, and like how it integrates. I also think the way it handles the process of double opt-in and freebie delivery is great. Plus, it has a free plan (that is a bit limited though) and a way to sell digital products.

mailerlite icon with a green speech bubble with white writing saying lite


MailerLite is my choice if someone needs a free email marketing tool, a tool with servers located in the EU, or a tool with emails that are a bit prettier than what ConvertKit offers by default. It is very user friendly and also offers tools for people who don't have a website or would like to build their landing pages elsewhere. My only gripe with ML is how their double opt-in works if it is via an external integration.

Course Platforms & Checkouts

thrivecart icon, a white shopping cart on turquoise background


ThriveCart's checkouts are great and I think for a lot of people their Learn platform is a good place to host courses at a relatively affordable cost. Thrivecart has a lifetime pricing model, which means you pay a bit more upfront but then don't have a monthly cost. You just have to host your videos elsewhere.

podia icon, a white p inside a purple circle


Podia is very solid for learning management, digital products, paid webinars etc. at a VERY reasonable monthly cost. I think their landing pages and the website they offer are a bit basic, but if you have those elsewhere, then this may be the course platform for you. Plus, it has a free plan.


Kajabi is a bit of a jack of all trades. If you need an all in one tool, then this is the way to go. It comes at a pretty hefty monthly price, but you get great course functionality, and a website & landing page builder that is totally fine for most people's needs. I am not a huge fan of their email marketing system but it works for most people, especially if you're starting out.

Task Management & Databases

llama life icon depicting the head of a lama with its eyes closed on a yellow circle

Llama Life

Llama life is what keeps me on track in my day to day life when I need to get through my to-do list. It integrates with Notion, so I can pull in my to-do list, add an estimate of how long it should take, and then press start. It counts down the time and reminds me when I should be done with something. This is neurodiverse heaven, because I have zero feeling for time without it.

airtable icon, an abstract colorful depiction of a table


You need to store data but hate Excel? You want to automate how you generate reports? You'd like pretty dashboards with your stats? You'd like to plan your social media? Or maybe you want to build out your own custom CRM? Then Airtable is your system.

notion icon, the letter N displayed in a black and white cube


I already mentioned Notion in my top 3, but it plays such a huge role in my life that I just need to repeat it where it belongs.


WP Astra

Astra is the theme that I like to use for my websites, since it's easy to use and plays well with the Elementor visual builder. And if one of my clients ever wants to add a blog or shop on a website that doesn't have those, then they don't have to start from scratch.

e-recht24 - German policies

The privacy policy & legal notice on my own website were done with eRecht24. They offer easy to use generators for the German market with translations in English. Though they do offer a free option, I would highly recommend subscribing to the pro version for a month, since you can cancel after you generated all the policies you need. You just have to mention the source of the text underneath each one.

iubenda - Multi Language Policies

This is what I recommend to all my English speaking customers. Iubenda lets you generate Privacy Policies that then always stay up to date. You simply select all the services you use, embed their policy onto your website, and then never again worry whether there are any new data & privacy laws around the world.

Courses & Programs

mai-kee tsang logo

Coworking Cove

I use the Coworking Cove for dedicated time to work on MY business. All too often, my client work takes priority over everything else. But this gives me a space to focus on my own stuff and stay accountable. And Mai-kee has exactly the right energy to facilitate it.

DNK logo

5 Day VA Challenge & Virtual Excellence Academy

This is how I started my business. I joined Hannah's free 5 day challenge on the second ever round, 6 years ago. I loved the energy, started my business on a whim and joined her paid course and community, now called the Virtual Excellence Academy. It was the best thing I ever did. The community in the VEA alone is very worth it, even now that I have outgrown the VA term a long time ago.